Il Gruppo

The group La Tirrenica, leader in the distribution and the processing of frozen fish, molluscs and crustaceans, starts from an old family tradition of retail traders.

Thanks to diverse competences, targeted and specific roles in the company and a staff of young professional figures, with solid experience and constantly training, the company structure guarantees clearness to the communication with the customers at all levels, with a direct line and a deep knowledge of the products it brings to the market.


The Management

Today the company is significantly expanding through its vision and and the professional entrepreneurship skills of the general manager Antonio Stompanato, who at barely thirty years old, has fulfilled the dream to bring to the Italians’ homes the best frozen fish products, caught in our seas and in the oceans all over the world.

Through his passion, fueled day by day, he managed to transform his job, which starts from a deep knowledge of the fishing techniques and the respect for the sea and the nature, in a significant international business activity.