Having a strong variety of products constitutes the strength of La Tirrenica” group, which is more and more a reference point, both for the preparation of high quality gastronomy and homemade dishes. The constant availability of the products stems from a great company organization.

Through our organisation we can monitor daily and directly, on the spot, the major fishing areas, acquiring not only the best fishing product but also a huge variety of the product itself. Our company actualizes quality controls in the production process according to internationally standardized methods, from the entry of the feedstock to the final product to be shipped.



Squid, octopus, cuttlefish, shrimps, king prawns, swordfish and tuna, these are only a few fish varieties we daily acquire on the seas and the oceans all over the world, in stationed places such as Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, India, Argentina, South Africa and South America.

In order to guarantee a high quality standard, it is vital for us that very little time occurs from the fishing, the selection to the customer delivery. That requires not only a rigorously organized logistics and a strict discipline, but also modern structures for the processing, the storage and the distribution.

A well as strict quality controls in our warehouses, the quality of our transport partners is regularly assessed.


To guarantee the best quality we select very carefully only the best feedstock, respecting the see and its resources, every phase in the production process must meet strict requirements.

Our frozen food, especially frozen fish, fished in our seas in the oceans, but also meat, first courses, vegetables, sweets and ice cream, are submitted to an accurate meticulous selection. They are chosen and ready to be sold on the market only at the end of the Quality process.



La Tirrenica Group is committed to furnishing its customers the best quality, anywhere they are, because each phase of the production process is carefully monitored to guarantee the consumer a constant quality in time and and an efficient service.